it´s all about story!

A film must be screamingly funny or howling sadly, unbearably exciting or simply harmonious.
Because then the film burns into the mind of the audience and becomes the No. 1 talked about topic.

Flying Fist Film is a punchy film crew from the black forest with a great passion for scenic film.
We produce advertising and image films for companies and events in storytelling format!

We make Films that polarize!

Together with you we develop extraordinary ideas and develop narratives with unique characters who transport Your Story!
Our films are produced with maximum technical standards in a high aesthetic Style!

We benefit greatly from our creative network in the areas of sound design, music, animation & graphic design.
The final film is ready for the world and will be successfully distributed in TV, cinema, online and more.

Just write us or come over for a casual conversation.
Let’s create unique films together that go through the roof!

Your Flying Fist Team.


David Hugle – Director of Photography

Christian Sachs – Director

Janne Strittmatter – Screenwriter & Director